We want to wear them all. Yes, all at once.

In these dark and dreary winter days (shuddup you Aussies) nothing makes us feel more cheerful than some awesomely bright and amazingly original accessories.

Ok, so maybe One Direction sending us a photo of them naked would top cool jewellery, but you get what we mean.

ace accessories all

With that in mind, we've scoured the fashion world for a selection of the best accessories around.

From funky name pendants to a pizza with a smiley face and Harry Styles' tattoo in necklace form, we have the perfect neck/ear/finger/wrist decoration for you. Let's take a look shall we?

Bonnie Bling

accessories bonnie bling

Bonnie Bling has some brilliant statement pieces this season, all bold, chunky and yes- bling. These are three of our favourites. (bonniebling.co.uk)

1. Tell people how you really feel, with these 'Man Up!' knuckle dusters. Sugarscape's editor Kate loves them so much that she's desperate for her own pair. £40

2. Alternatively, you can get nautical with this lifebelt bangle, which won't actually save you from drowning - but is pretty awesome none the less. £10

3. We're also in love with 'The Waverley Necklace' - a statement ship on a brilliantly blingin' chain. £30

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