Beauty secrets you need to know..

Everybody loves a good girlband and every time we see Stooshe, we  find ourselves admiring the quirky glam that's becoming their  trademark style.

But despite looking red carpet savvy, it's taken some serious fashion faux pas to get them where they are. Including one particular Primark pyjama suit - right Courtney?

Now if there's anything quite as colourful as a Furby, it's probably going to be Stooshe and after teaming up with the brand, we popped in on the girls to chat all things fashion and why they're accessorising with these chatty little guys.

As well as the lowdown on their beauty secrets, they also had a it of advice about pulling off the rockstar look on about two hours of sleep. Something that we'd imagine will come in handy what with it being Christmas party season and all...


So What do you think of that? Do you love Stooshe's style?

Comments please...

Alex, Courtney and Karis of Stooshe are working with Hasbro to promote the launch of Furby. Furby talks, sings, dances and develops its own personality and is out now for Christmas!

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