Who do you think looked red carpet hot, and who looked SOOO NOT?

Stars like Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway all turned up to the Golden Globes in super amazing dresses last night. Convenient, as one of our favourite things to do is judge celebrities for their super stunning fashion choices whilst we’re lying around in a onesie and wondering if we’ve got any leggings left that don’t have holes in.

There’s loads of glamour dos and glamour don'ts for us to have a chat about and then make us throw a strop about our crap wardrobe offerings. Awesomez.

jennifer lawrence

Starting with what we think is the best of the bunch, but maybe we’re just biased cause we are actually in LOVE (all in capitals, so its serious) with Jennifer Lawrence.

After her amazing black dress for the Critics’ Choice awards the other day, we were worried that she’d peaked for this season already but OH NO. Her red dress looked like something a Disney princess would be drawn into. DIVINE.

jennifer lawrence

OH JESSICA ALBA. Not many people look amazing in the dress that’s the colour of an upstream swimming fish, but she does, obv. We’re not sure what that fury thing is in her hand though. Some kind of spray tanned guinea pig, possibly. #Sorrynotsorry.

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