Any excuse for a Zayn gallery.

We’ve always known Zayn Malik is a pretty suave guy, who knows his varsity jackets from his granny cardigans, and his plunging V necks from his button up shirts, but it’s been confirmed this week that ACTUALLY, he’s the best dressed male in the whole of Celebsville, dontcha know.

It takes a very fashionable man to be able to rock a pair of armbands.

Zayn Malik

Whilst Harry Styles topped the poll last year, it looks like wearing your mum’s heart print shirt and jeans so tight that they display a detailed shape of your package just hasn’t been cutting the mustard in the style stakes of 2013. Hazlan dropped into 4th position, and Maliko swooped in like a little stylish badger to scoop himself the title.

He also beat the likes of David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Justin Timberlake, and ermm... Bobby and Joey from The Only Way is Essex. Yep, seriously. Joey, wearer of snow boots, girls trousers and Hawaiin shirts, beat Louis Tomlinson, king of the ankle bearing jeans and general style guru. The accuracy of this poll is astounding. *face palm*

Zayn Malik

The poll conducted by is decided by the amount of internet searches for the style of the celeb in question, so we’re thinking that our incessant googling of ‘Zayn Malik in varsity jacket’, 'Zayn Malik in a suit', and 'Zayn Malik naked' to stick on our fridge may have swayed things a bit...

The official ranking was *drum roll please*:
Zayn Malik
Nick Grimshaw
David Beckham
Harry Styles
Chris Brown
Justin Timberlake
Joey Essex
Robert Pattinson
Marvin Humes
Bobby Cole Norris (TOWIE)

So, we thought it's only fair that we go through a billion photos of Zayn and track down his most stylish moments for you all to perve at. God, it's such a tough job...

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