Not that we don’t remember the rest. There’s just loads of them.

Yesterday saw all the rejected (soz) acts from X Factor live shows pile on the train and make the journey from London to Manchester for the final tonight, the first time it’s ever not been in the capital. OOOH.

Maybe so it’s closer to Liverpool so Maloney hasn’t got as far to go in his early taxi home? Buuurn.

x factor

Contestants such as Union J, District 3 and Ella Henderson all made the journey up north to prepare for the final, which is set to include a huge performance from all the reunited contestants. AGH WE CANNOT WAIT. 7 HOURS TO GO PEOPLE.

Ella, Union J, Kye Sones and Melanie Masson (remember her?) all headed up together on the train with suitcases in hand and looking like they were having the most fun ever. We really want to go on the X Factor train. It should be a thing at Alton Towers.

x factor

Also let’s all just stop for a second and cry over how gorgeous this picture of George Shelley is. IS THIS REAL LIFE.

george shelley

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