We're actually quite excited about watching some of these celebs stacking it

The latest crop of celebs who will strap (potentially lethal) blades to their feet before flinging themselves around an ice rink in the name of entertainment has been revealed.

There's a TOWIE star, two Olympians, an X Factor winner and a soap actress - as well as a whole host of others - all of whom have little to no skating experience. Meaning they'll probably fall over. A lot. HA.

Hosted by Philip Schofield and Christine Bleakley, the latest series of Dancing on Ice begins on January 6th on ITV1. Let's take a look at who will being heading arse over tit this year, shall we?

Pamela Anderson

dancing on ice line up 2013

Yep, Baywatch star Pammy is taking to the ice. What we like best about this photo, is that it doesn't look airbrushed AT ALL. *cough*

Shane Ward

dancing on ice line up 2013

X Factor winner Shane Ward had the world at his feet, once. Now he's strapping blades to those very same feet and wearing a sparkly vest. BUFF arms though.

Lauren Goodger

dancing on ice line up 2013

Lauren Goodger quit TOWIE to take part in the latest series of Dancing on Ice, so let's hope she isn't booted out in the first week, eh?

Luke Campbell

dancing on ice line up 2013

Luke Campbell won a gold medal for his boxing in the Olympics. Wonder what his team mates will think of that snazzy t-shirt?

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