Bringing all her swagger jagger (and stuff) to Nickelodeon.

Seeing as she’s all famous and that in America now, Cher Lloyd’s next step to global domination is to take over our TVs again by making a guest starring role in Big Time Rush. Remember us little people when you're at the top, Cher babes.

cher lloyd

Apparently Cher will begin filming her special episode next week and it will air some time in the spring. Cher will be appearing as herself in a storyline involving James and Katie concocting a lie that they’re releasing a new duet and video with Lloydypants in a bid for attention. Sounds crackin’.

‘We have been a huge fan of Cher Lloyd's work since X Factor," said Logan Henderson from the band. ‘We are so excited to have her guest starring on Big Time Rush. She has a charming, sweet, and funny personality, which is a perfect fit for our show.’

Big time rush

We hope she’s perfecting her hair flick and over-the-shoulder-photo-pose for when she becomes a well famous Hollywood actress as well as a successful popstar. Jealous? Us? NEVER.

Sounds like Cher’s gone down a treat with the Big Time Rush boys then. Will you be tuning in to catch her episode?

More importantly however, let’s all go and watch a vintage vid of Niall Horan slapping Big Time Rush’s Logan with a wet salmon. Seriously.

Cher Lloyd's video for Oath is all a bit sexy isn't it?