His weapon of choice would definitely be the claw.

We’re hoping that Robert Pattinson likes his bevvies shaken and not stirred, because Daniel Craig has decided that after his reign as the world’s favourite spy, he wants R-Pattz to take the wheel of the James Bond movies.

Enter Harry Styles telling R-Pattz to think of how much Pussy Galore he’s gonna get, a la Matt Cardle. *dirty laugh*

robert pattinson james bond

A source told OK! Magazine that ‘Daniel told Rob he’d make a brilliant Bond, and would like to see a young talented British actor take on the role. Daniel’s signed on for two more Bond movies but is convinced he’ll do no more.’

Apparently, when Rob told Daniel he was a huge fan of his work as the ejector seat loving, sharp suit wearing spy, he was ‘completely taken aback when the compliments were returned’.

robert pattinson

He definitely looks the part 'cause he scrubs up well in a dapper suit. He's got the sexy English accent. And his weapon of choice would definitely be the hand claw, who needs guns? DOUBLE OH SEXY.

We’re not too sure our dads would be a fan of the sparkly vampire heartthrob becoming their hero, but we’d fudging love it. MAKE THIS HAPPEN, FILM PEOPLE.

Would you like to see Rob become James Bond?

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