Get your 3D glasses on

It's all kicking off in London this morning and One Direction have just arrived looking fresh and breezy at their press conference ahead of tomorrow's premiere of This Is Us. Luckily for us they even stopped to have a pose before heading inside to answer some extremely serious questions about the film - probably about how it was having their crotches filmed in 3D or something.

Seeing as they've made such an effort to look hot stuff, it would be rude for us not to take a closer look, wouldn't it?

One Direction arrive at their London This Is Us Press conference

Clearly the Paynis is catching or Louis Tomlinson is so excited to get to talk about the film that he was about to have a wee right there on the floor. Can't say we blame him to be honest.

We also hate to break the news to you but it appears Niall Horan has spent so much time outside at V Festival this weekend that he has started to evolve into some sort of amphibious creature. Just LOOK at that flipper he's grown in place of a hand:

One Direction arrive at their London This Is Us Press conference

They also took the opportunity to chuck a load of popcorn about and generally get all mischevious. It's nice to see they got our note that they rub snacks all over each other, although it's a shame they missed out on our suggestion that they do it naked.

One Direction at This IOs Us London photocall


There's LOADS more pics of the lads arsing about though, so click next to see them all >>