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Seeing as you’re all decent humans, we’re sure you’ll agree that killing animals for fur is an awful thing to do.

Today is PETA’s Fur Free Friday, the day in which the animal charity encourages everyone to stay away from real fur, and educate them about the horror that innocent, defenceless animals go through at the hands of the fur trade.

The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness is on board with Fur Free Friday and has designed and autographed this awesome ONE OFF T-shirt for a lucky Sugarscaper to win. The message is simple: Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin, Not Ours.

Jay McGuiness T shirt for PETA

Erm Jaybird , we never knew you were such an artist, we frickin’ love this.

Joining Jay in saying "No" to the cruel fur industry are Lea Michele, Pink, Fearne Cotton, Lauren Goodger, Leona Lewis and many other fashion icons who have made the compassionate choice to leave fur out of their wardrobes.

A recent poll by the Times News Service revealed that 95 per cent of the British public would never wear real fur.

And now for the disturbing reality about the fur industry: Rabbits and other animals raised for their fur go crazy from spending their entire lives in cramped, filthy cages without shelter from the elements. Fur farmers kill them by drowning them, electrocuting them or breaking their necks. In China, which supplies most of the world's fur, raccoon dogs, foxes and other animals – including millions of cats and dogs – are often skinned alive.

But wearing fur does not have to a necessity, with so many warm and stylish synthetic options available, being fur-free has never been easier. The plain white T-shirt that Jay customised for PETA comes from Forever 21, which has a no-fur policy, just like other brands: River Island, Topshop, H&M, Zara and New Look. Animal-friendly options are also more environmentally friendly.

Jay McGuiness PETA

Furs are loaded with toxic chemicals to keep them from decomposing in buyers' closets, and the fur industry, which has been identified as a major polluter by government agencies around the world, poisons our land and water and also gobbles up precious resources.

So come on people, there's no time like the present: GET FUR FREE.

If you want more information about PETA and to subscribe to their mailing list visit www.PETA.org.uk

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