If you sold all these frocks on ebay, bet you could afford to buy Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson might have first hit our screens as the ever so geeky Hermione Granger at the age of 11, but these days she's one of the biggest fashionistas around. A big fave on the Fashion Week FRow, every time she hits the red carpet we practically swoon our socks off, so let's take a look back at some of her best looks of all time, shall we?

 Emma Watson - Outfit Images - sugarscape.com

From sideboob to trousers hidden up her dress (yeah, that happened), we are a bit obsessed with all these looks. In fact they're so good we might just about be able to forgive her for the fact that if she let us sell them all on ebay, we could probably just about afford to hire Daniel Radcliffe to be our naked butler.

Emma Watson - Outfir Images - sugarscape.com

Aww you guys, standing next to each other like that bringing back old memories! The duo were pictured together at the National Movie Awards back in the day. Emma was wearing a cute little ‘cross-your-heart’ paneled dress covered in sequins, soaking up the last few public pics before she did something MASSIVE….

Emma Wason - Fashion Images March 2011 - sugarscape.com

As soon as she was free from the grips of the Harry Potter producers, Emma only went and cut off all her hair, showing the world a very different side of her personality.

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