Everywhere they go, we go. Well, photographers go and we get the pictures. Hurrah!

One Direction are still hopping about in Dublin for the X FacTOUR, and all looked very chipper as they left their hotel yesterday.

Zayn freakin' Malik even showed his face a bit, and he's been quite shy of late it seems.

Or asleep. Whatevs.

We can't help but notice their shoes. Harry's were ridiculously clean and white, and Louis...well, we're not the biggest fan of them, but we'll let you make up your own mind. Obvs. We're not about to start shouting LOOK AT LOUIS TOMLINSON'S RIDICULOUS POSEY SHOES AREN'T THEY AWFUL in your face or anything.

Hmmm...not too sure about the top either. What do you think?

Also, check out Niall with his standard 'thumbs up' pose all at the ready! He's not even out the door! That's like taking your trousers down on the way to the bathroom, and that is weird.

Look it's Zayn! Sponsored by Cadburys apparently...

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