Will Elena and Damon finally release all that sexual tension?

Did you see it? Did you see the Vampire Diaries finale? Did you, did you, did you? (If you didn't you should probably skip on a bit because we're about to discuss it.)

So Season 2 went out with a bang. Stefan (Paul Wesley) saved Damon (Ian Somerhalder) but only by agreeing to drink human blood and go on a killing bender with Klaus. Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev) actually kissed (even though Damon was about to die)! And Jeremy did die and then got brought back to life and can now see the ghosts(?) of his two ex-girlfriends Anna and Vicki. We love how deliciously twisted everything is getting.

But what's in store for Season 3? Well producer's Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have revealed some Season 3 details already and we've got all the info on Damon and Elena's burgeoning relationship. Here are all the hints...

1. We could meet Caroline's father

Kevin Williamson in an interview with Candice Accola who plays Caroline said, "Yes I do see a world into which he will break onto the scene eventually and will play out the dynamic between father and daughter as well as how the sheriff responds to her ex husbands. What does he do once he finds out he's got a vampire for a daughter... maybe he'll come in with some surprises of his own."

2. Stefan is going to be a very, very bad boy

Julie Plec told TV Line: "Early in the season we decided that would be the path we’d take by the end of the season, so everything we did with him was trying to lay the groundwork for the shift in his journey. We are beyond excited about the opportunities here. For Stefan, it’s never as black-and-white as “Good Stefan” and “Bad Stefan”; it’s Stefan struggling with this thing that overpowers him so significantly, that no matter what he tries to do to break himself out of it, it still rules him.

"And it rules him in a way that it never really ruled Damon. Watching Stefan fight that, and perhaps continue to get overpowered by it, is a story that story could go on for a long time. There’s a lot of great opportunity there."

We've got a feeling Stefan's going to do A LOT of killing...

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