We're sure they were joking though...

This is a good thing. In fact - it's a great thing. If The Wanted now have to do one of those cheesy, smiley photos with JLS and One Direction to prove that there's no love lost between them, then they'd all be in the SAME ROOM AT THE SAME TIME AND IT WOULD BE BRILLIANT.

Except, actually, the world might implode due to the amount of energy radiating off such a group of such hot boys. Maybe that wouldn't be so good.

Anyway, The Wanted have been up to their usual cheeky tricks and said a few things about JLS and One Direction to the Daily Star.

As you know, The Wanted are a bit of a LadBand and are often having boozy nights out "largin' it" and stuff. Well, it looks like JLS wouldn't be their choice of drinking buddies...

"JLS say they can drink, but they can't," said Max George.

"Give them four glasses of champagne and all they do is take their tops off and start prancing around having a dance-off. It's true."

Umm...what? This sounds like one of the best nights out EVER.

"Maybe it's an insecurity about how long the band will last."

Yeah, probably. Whenever we feel insecure we can usually be found dancing about with our tops off too.

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