So much love in the room

We're pretty big fans of One Direction over here at Sugarscape - we know, we know, we hide it well and almost never talk about it, but believe it or not we all know every world to Up All Night and have posters of them surrounding our desks, and one staff member even fancies Niall Horan's gran a bit because she looks a little bit like him.

It's pretty intense. But not quite as tense at the Larry Stylinson love...

We had some burning questions we needed to put to the boys, mainly about hair and emotion (what else matters in life?) , and the boys did a pretty good job in answering them when MUZUtv dropped by - oh, and they had a little message for YOU!

We found out Harry's foolproof first date plan, Zayn's hair issues, and witnessed a tender moment between Harry and Louis. Check it out.

Excuse us, we're going to go weep at an animated pig.

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