They pulled out some 'interesting' dance moves...

One Direction had their first of three sold out shows in London last night, and WE'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO HEAR AGAIN. Seriously. It was intense.

They hopped out on stage to Na Na Na (after the crowd went a bit too mental for the guitarists who came on first...) and didn't stop bouncing until it was all over.

One Direction Up All Night tour

A few costume changes from preppy to even more preppy, 'winter themed' for the fake snow during One Thing (which meant Louis and Liam were wearing scarves in 100 degree heat, but Louis soon abandoned that idea), and then finally they all rocked up (linking arms, daww) in suits.

Oh. It was good.

They also pulled a LOT of scrunched up faces.

Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson One Direction Up all night tour

It was awesome. If you're following us on Twitter (@sugarscape) you will have heard about all the action as it happened.

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