In the city of lurrrve

It looks like Louis Tomlinson has whisked Harry Styles away on a romantic trip to Paris to mend his broken heart the Larry Stylinson way, and the rest of One Direction and their promo team decided to come along too and big fat ruin it.

Or, y'know, they're over there for work. Whatever. That's less fun.

louis tomlinson from one direction in paris

The boys were snapped leaving Le Relais de l'Entrecote restaurant in the wee hours of this morning, after tweeting about their joyous times in le city du escargot (we may have skipped a few francais lessons...).

Niall was particularly excited, tweeting;

"hello france! my first time in france! gona be a fun day tomorrow! lets have fun! but until then ..goodnight.. au revoir."


niall horan from one direction in paris

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