Oh the joys of live television

As we know only all too well (we're writing this through a stream of silent tears) that One Direction have run away across the sea to tour with Big Time Rush.

The boys appeared on MuchMusic's New.Music.Live in Canada yesterday, where Louis Tomlinson once again proved just how strapping and manly he is through the power of hand gestures.

one direction's louis tomlinson on muchmusic's new music live in canada

We had originally drawn a willy through his fingers but thought we'd better remove it. Plus, we're not too great at drawing willies, they end up looking more like questionable sausage rolls.

one direction's zayn malik on muchmusic's new music live in canada

Another opportunity there from Zayn, but we resisted because we're strong and mature. Like a good cheddar.

one direction on muchmusic's new music live in canada

Check out the eye contact between Louis and an audience gal...

one direction louis tomlinson on muchmusic new music live tv programme


Anyway, click next to check out the rest of the pictures of the boys on the show. We don't care if you've got other things to be getting on with, this'll be GREAT.