We knew this all along!

One Direction's lives are directly influenced by Sugarscape. There's no doubt about it.

Last summer, before The X Factor started with the new judging panel, you'll remember we told Liam Payne that he and Gary Barlow were uncannily similar. Harry Styles made him do a Gary impression, and the rest is history.


The boys have now given him the nickname Gary. Sorry Liam, next time we'll say you sound like The Incredible Hulk or something a bit more exciting.

"Liam has that Barlow aura," says Niall.

"He says things like 'Come on boys, let's roll. Let's get going.' He knows it and can't deny it."

liam payne from one direction

"He just needs the briefcase," added Harry.

It's true. Liam and Gary are probably two of the most sensible voices of reason we've ever heard. If you don't believe us, check out Liam's most sensible quotes ever here.

liam payne one direction

Or just click on to gawp at some pics of Liam looking hot recently.