For his last day in Ireland

Before Niall Horan headed back to London to do some serious One Direction business, he went out for lunch in his hometown of Mullingar, Westmeath, to chow down with his nearest and dearest.

nisll horan out in mullingar may 2012

Obviously a fan of anything food based, it sounds like Niall spend so long getting his munch on his almost missed his plane back to the Big Smoke. Nice work, Horan.

"woo that was close, nearly missed the flight back to london tonight !"[sic] he tweeted.

"Last person on the plane, had t leg it !"

niall horan out in mullingar may 2012

He was snapped strolling through the streets of Mullingar, waltzing along right next to an I LOVE ONE DIRECTION poster, which it looks like he didn't spot - although we're not sure what we'd expect him to do if he saw it, get his picture taken with it? Kiss the window? Lick his own face through the glass?

Get annoyed that it was on sale?

niall horan walks past a one direction poster in mullingar

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