We do a spot of matchmaking for the boys, we’re nice like that

Bromance was in the air this week when The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness revealed that if he had to date a member of One Direction it would be Zayn Malik. Apparently Zaynster would be hot if he was a girl. Yeah, we can see that.

Anyway, being the lovelies that we are, and knowing that the boys pay attention to and respect what we say *ahem*, we’ve decided to do some inter-band matchmaking for them. They’re too busy to do it themselves, so let’s cut the crap and get straight to the chemistry.

Here are Zayn and Jay, or Jayn as we like to call them. See how Zayn’s sleekness compliments Jay’s wild and unruliness – get him in the sack however and it’s a whole different ball game for Jayn.