Y'know, because he usually looks so rotten

These days it's a rare find to see Harry Styles without Nick Grimshaw. If we saw either of them flying solo somewhere we'd feel like David Attenborough watching some kind of nearly extinct polar bear being born in the wilderness... or something.

ANYWAY, Harry popped in to bezzie Grimmers' Radio 1 show last night - one of the last late shows Grimmy'll be doing before he starts his prime slot on the Breakfast Show next week.


nick grimshaw leaving radio 1 with harry styles from one direction

But that's kind of besides the point. What we're trying to tell you, in an overly articulated and unreasonably long-winded way - and that you perhaps are already aware of - is that Harry was looking BOOM TING in a London Loves LA t-shirt.

harry styles leaving radio one white london loves la tshirt

Despite being pawed by various large men.

harry styles from one direction leaving nick grimshaw's radio 1 show in london

Click next to see who was having a grab of Hazza's shoulder, and for an unashamed pervy close up of his face.

Harry's, not the large man. Although if that's what you're into then we can arrange something for later in the week, yeah?