Lovingly handcrafted pieces of artistry

When District3 aren't lavishing their man-wands about, taking pictures of a naked Mickey or watching him snog some girls in the back of a nightclub, they can actually be quite "artsy."

x factor district 3 drawing

They kindly drew some deailed pictures of each other (beacuse weasked them to) at their hotel t'other week, and we're bored of looking at them all day so want to give them to you, if that's ok?
dan ferrari lane by greg west

Despite the fact that Greg looks like he's about to murder somebody, we still think this is an uncanny resemblance. Nice work Mickey.
x factor drawings

Er, we have to put Mickey's on the next page as Dan Ferarri-Lane and Ella Henderson made it a bit rude, so we'll tell you how to enter on the next page too.

Soz. Don't blame us, blame the willy-drawers.

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