AGH and URGH we cried this week, as our peepers landed on some of the worst fashion crimes we’ve seen in a while, all thanks to three of our favourite ladies and their questionable wardrobe choices. Yep, we are looking at you Perrie Edwards, Kate Nash and Mischa Barton. SHAME ON THOU.

Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards left us wondering if we’d been transported back to when Saved By The Bell was seen as a fashion bible. Just add a scunchie and Walkman and you could have called her Kelly Kapowsi. As we stared at her quite frankly mental ensemble, we just had one question for her. Well, two actually. WHAT? WHY?

Her high waisted, slightly shiny trousers made us feel uncomfortable, and the off the shoulder denim jacket with black trim was just baffling. Add to that a pair of unflattering man boots, and you’ve got yourself a truly hideous outfit.

It’s a good job her pretty face and purple hair are so lovely. Soz Pezza, we know you’ve been going through a tough time so we’ll let you off this time, ‘cause normally you look on point. But even so, we’re whacking you behind bars this week.

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