Over half a million of you voted - now it's time to find out who won...

Most of you will know that when it comes to hot lads, we're just the tiniest bit obsessed. Not only do we fangirl on a daily basis over various boybands, Youtubers, actors and singers - but we also celebrate the end of each year with our massive SUGARSCAPE'S HOTTEST LADS POLL.

YOU nominate them on to the shortlist, then YOU vote for your winner - and this year has been the biggest frenzy yet, with over half a million votes cast.

SO, with no further ado - let's find out who has been ranked where, and who you have crowned Sugarscape's Hottest Lad 2014.

50. Sam Claflin (new entry)

Sam Claflin

49. Douglas Booth (2012 ranking: 35)  

Douglas Booth

48. Jedward (2012 ranking: 50)


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