Our fave El Maliko masterpiece yet?

Ah - One Direction's tattoos tell a million tales, don't they? Louis Tomlinson's cup of tea? He can't go to bed without one, duh. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik's birds? Well...Hazlan's are just actual birds and Zayn's is *his* bird, innit.

And now the Bradford Bad Boi's only gone and added another tatt to his collection in LA - this time getting a rather pretty little design on his wrist. It sort of looks like a henna tattoo you might get spontaneously in Lanzarote, but we reckon it might be our fave 1D-based inking yet.

(Yep, even better than Hazlan's coat hanger.)

Zayn Malik gets a new tattoo - Zayn Malik images - sugarscape.com

Image: Twitter

Zayn hit Shamrock tattoo parlour across the pond to get the latest doodle as part of his big sleeve mission, and it a) sort of looks like one of Rihannas, b) is sort of Aztec-y (we're good at this, aren't we?), c) still looks a bit sore and d) is pretty and flowery.

Basically it's safe to say we prefer it to 'Zap!' and the LEG WOLF, but that's just us.

Zayn Malik new tattoo - Zayn Malik images - sugarscape.com

Image: Twitter

Lovely babes.

What d'ya make of Zayn's latest inking? Fave yet? Comments please, you lot.

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