Bet they're feeling perky today.

It must be a pretty sweet life being a member of The Wanted; you get to go to Ibiza and shoot a video and get paid for it, you get to tour all over the country, have loads of girls fancy you and go out and get wasted in the middle of the week without worrying about getting up the next morning, throwing up on the tube and trying to have chips for breakfast in the office without anybody noticing.


Well, it seems like The Wanted chappies did exactly that last night.

"Studio done..time to get pissed!" Tweeted Tom.

"Everyone persuade @nathanthewanted to come out and get trashed with me :)"

With Nathan later admitting he'd been broken down by The Wantes fans' persuasive Tweeting;

"Ok ... I'm currently in a taxi with parker ... You win @TomTheWanted! Haha"

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