Get your talent out ladies.

It looks like we'll be dusting off our old violin, the one our mum bought us when we begged and begged before getting bored with it because it hurt our fingers, and brushing up on some Vivaldi this weekend because Harry Styles has revealed what he is looking for in a woman. No he isn't after somebody who can play classical concerto's to him while he has his evening cuppa, he's not sixty, he's after a girl with talent. Oh and banter. Let's not forget the banter.

We've got the banter down no one is taking that away from us, but our only discernible talent is the ability to talk a lot. Would you consider banter a talent?

The One Direction hottie told the official X Factor website: "Obviously, we like a girl to be attractive but it's all about the banter - standard! And I like a babe with a talent - you need to be good at something. Like tennis! Now, that's cool."

Is is the tennis that's cool Hazza or is it the tanned, toned ladies in tiny skirts that is cool? Yeah, thought so.

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