And there are tacos involved!

One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are so in love that we’re going to call them Loury Tyles. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER.

And what better for a blossoming bromance than to move in together?

The boys have been speaking to The People about how awesome shacking up with one another has been so far, and it sure looks like Louis has got the sweet end of the deal as he's become a kept man thanks to Hazza’s domestic skills.

“I have just moved into a flat with Harry and every day I have had cereal or a takeaway, or Harry has rung me and said 'Tea's ready' so I don't cook a lot,” said Louis.

“I suppose I should start really but Harry is so good at cooking I don't need to.”

Thanks Louis, you’ve given us even more reason to frickin’ love the Styles.

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