Our lives are so hard.

We all know that the Kardashian sisters and the many variations of them are all very attractive, gorgeous, sexy ladies; in fact we’re punching our keyboards in a jealous rage just thinking about them. There’s one member of the family whose hotness we just can’t get our heads around though and that is their brother Robert Kardashian.

We’ve compiled a dossier of Rob images that feature him and his many shades of attractiveness. They vary from very attractive to not attractive at all.

Come with us now on a journey to help us decide, do the sisters maketh the man?

Appendix I. Here we have Rob taking a causal stroll in shorts and a vest. Due to the sporty nature of his attire we infer that he’s either coming from or going to the gym. Keep up the good work Rob, your arms are quite possibly the sexiest things we’ve ever seen.