Somehow we think he'd find the remaining incognito part a little difficult.

Well isn't this a surprise? In the new edition of Fancy magazine Robert Pattinson actually said that he liked being famous as opposed to how he usually bangs on about it being the absolute bane of his entire existance, or something along those lines slightly less dramatic than that.

He said: “Being famous is very cool! I travel a lot, I meet very nice people… But it also has some downsides."

There it is. Always with the downside.

But he has said it has allowed him to think like a spy. Er, ok....

He continued: “I’m searching for a home in London at the moment. While viewing the house, lots of strange thoughts popped up in my mind. Can paparazzi park their cars in front of this house? Are strange fans able to camp on my pavement? I think like a spy or a secret agent and that’s pretty weird.”

Bet Sherlock is quaking in his boots.

He certainly always looks as though he's over analysing everything. Check out some of Rob's best thinking faces...