Harry Styles prefers a loose crotch

The One Direction lads had a recent interview with the Times Style mag where they were asked about losing their virginity *faints for a few seconds*. Considering the boys had already discussed nudity and Harry Styles' 'crotch issues' they suddenly got all shy about the virginity subject.

Or maybe they're just saving the details to tell Sugarscape...

The first thing 1D did conclude, however, was that none of them are virgins.

Then when asked about what age they lost their sweet maidenhood, Zayn said, "A gentlemen would never say."

While Liam pipped in, "I can't remember." Oh Liam you bad boy!

Harry inexplicably leaned over and gave the interviewer a kiss rather than answering the question. We're not sure what that means. Perhaps it's some sort of code.

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