Up, down, flat, poofy – what’s going on Zayn?

As part of the PhDs we’re taking in One Direction, our extensive research has shown that Zayn Malik’s hair has the ability to grow suddenly very tall over night, in fact sometimes it can reach Jedward levels of tall.

Why Sugarscape, you might onto something here, but OH DEAR GOD we need to see the evidence, surely your cutting-edge investigative journalism can deliver this?

*Sucking air through teeth* you know what Scapers? Yes. Yes we can get the evidence to you; it’ll be a tough slog and involve you having to look at picture after picture of Zayn Malik, but we can do THIS for YOU.

Let’s get on with it then…

Behold the hair in its natural state. We like to think this is what it looks like when Zayn wakes up. Hmmm...