We get the camera phone thing now.. #slow

OK so it's taken us most of the morning and some thorough research (i.e. checking our Twitter mentions), but we've finally figured out One Direction's weird camera-phone thing is for their PapOfTheWeek game, where they take pictures of paps.

Silly us.

louis tomlisnon and liam payne from one direction playing papoftheweek outside radio 1

They did it outside Radio 1 studios yesterday, where they went to say hi to Chris Moyles as a birthday treat, before popping down to Kings Cross station to play it again.

They must've been too squished to do it in France.

one direction outside radio 1 studios 2012

Click next to see more pictures of the boys messing about, and Zayn in A DIFFERENT JACKET. We almost cancelled a meeting to look at that one.