Just an average bunch of average guys looking average.

One Direction are slathering themselves over New York City like butter on a crumpet (tasty), and after their performance on The Today Show (pics and video here, headed down to J&R Music in lower Manhattan to sign some stuff and get their pose on, as excellently demonstrated by Zayn Malik.

zayn malik form one direction at j&r music signing

The boys were all co-ordinated in shades of blue for another afternoon of promo, and seem to be feeling the effects of their packed schedule.

one direction at signing in new york 2012

"Thank you all for coming out to the signing at j and R, we're all very tired after a very long day!" tweeted Niall.

"But had an amazing day!"

one direction niall horan at signing in new york 2012

Whereas Louis was more to the point, with a simple; "Question is ten minute power nap or not...."

But then NEVER TOLD US WHAT HE DECIDED. Talk about leaving us on a cliff-hanger Tommo. If you could let us know and we could stop gripping the edge of our seats in suspense and wonder at all this mystery, that would be fab.

louis tomlinson from one direction at the signing at j&r in new york

Click next to see the rest of the pictures of the boys at the signing, and rejoice in their gorgeous glory and expertly groomed hair.