Mystery gal-pal tells all to the press

A 22 year old girl has sold her story about an alleged one night stand with One Direction's Harry Styles.

The girl told Heat magazine that Harry seduced her in a nightclub in London's Chelsea, snogged her, and then spent the night at her house.

harry styles one night stand

She tells how she saw Harry and his mates in a booth in Public nightclub, and was invited to join them at their table.

"As I sat down, I didn't expect that by the end of the night I'd be kissing Harry Styles," she told the mag.

"He didn't speak to me at first and was quite quiet. He was very polite, but didn't seem interested in the girls that were throwing themselves at him."

Our favourite part of this story, is the line Harry allegedly uttered that grabbed the girl's attention.

harry styles chatted up girl with giraffe line

"Somebody was talking about a safari trip they'd been on," says the supposed shagger.

"Very seriously, Harry said, 'I like giraffes.' "

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