Their bitterest battle yet…

Like a middle aged woman who’s going through a divorce, One Direction have all been experimenting with their hairstyles recently.

One Direction

We’ve had Zayn Malik going for the badger, Niall Horan rocking some roots, and Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson all doing their versions of the quiff.

If we were going to give their new looks a theme, we’d call it “le Forehead”.

But whose new ‘do is the best? Is the sight of Luigi’s never-before-seen forehead doing something funny to you? Has Zayn’s stripe left you confused about your feelings for badgers? Or have you happily crashed your computer looking at Arrah’s quiff over and over?

Click next to check out their new looks and make the toughest judgement of your young lives.