Get voting for the fittest fellas - not that we're completely shallow

Every year the Sugarscape office compiles the ultimate list of the year’s hottest lads. This usually involves us sitting around in the evening, shouting at each other and banging our fists on a table until someone lets us include Shaggy (as yet, not allowed).

This year, we can’t be bothered with all that hassle (we’re far too fragile if we’re honest), and are letting you do the hard work for us. There will be two phases leading up to the esteemed awards;

sugarscape's hottest lads of 2012

  1. Get your nominations in below – nominations will be open for the whole of October.
  2. Once we’ve compiled a shortlist of the 50 hottest lads based on your nominations (see, we are doing some of the work), the VOTING will be open to decide who gets the crown. This will start the first week of November and be open for a month.

Then, in December once we’ve counted all the votes up and checked and triple checked, the Official Sugarscape Hottest Lads of 2012 will be unveiled.

So what are you waiting for? Who's floated your boat this year? A musician? Actor? X Factor contestant? Olympian?

Get your nominations in RIGHT THIS MINUTE

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