Is it time for an Paynis intervention... A “Payntervention”?

Scapers, we’ve pointed this out before – Liam Payne cannot keep his hands off his willy. There was a time when if he wasn’t sawing wood, driving his Volvo and doing other Dad-like things, his hands were constantly on it. It’s almost as if he was worried someone was going to steal it.

Liam sweetheart, penises can’t be stolen.

Here's a vintage pic from the Sugarscape archives:

Liam Payne's Paynis

We were beginning to think that el Payno had grown out of his Paynis touching habit, after all we had seen One Direction make a number of public appearances and he hadn’t fiddled with himself at all.

Then the other day we saw something that left us shocked, confused and mildly fascinated: Liam Payne touched his willy while shaking hands with the Queen.


Being the investigative journalists that we are, this inspired us to investigate the Paynis touching further and led us to discover that this month has been particularly bad for Liam’s wondering hand. We’ve collated a number of pieces of evidence for you to look through.

Click next to see the grabbing in all its glory.