Chuck him your iPhone and he’ll give you a wink, peace and pout photo.

If you’re rich enough to get yourself front row Justin Bieber seats, you’re probs rich enough to lob your phone onto the stage and not give two hoots about it smashing to smitherines.

justin bieber

If you fit this description, we a) are well jel, and b) advise you throw it like you’ve never thrown a phone before, because Biebs has a new party trick of taking photos of his own pretty face mid-performance.

Justin was kind enough to share a free photoshoot with the audience of his Madison Square Gardens live show, picking up random lucky cellular devices that got chucked his way, doing a duck face down the camera for the lucky Belieber who owned it.

Justin bieber

He was of course, then bombarded with ten million iphones. Silly Biebs.

Check it out and get all angry and jealouuuus here:

We know Justin loves a good selfy. WHO DOESN’T. We’ve done a little search and found our top three Biebs Selfies. Let this mini gallery be forever known as... errr... Justin Bieber’s Best Selfies. Cool.

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