It's been special. Mainly that squirrel attack.

One Direction have had one hell of a year and when they haven't been piling awards on their mantelpieces and breaking records for number one hits in various countries, they've been selling out shows and singing on the back of moving Olympic lorries.

But frankly who cares about all that? Ok, we do really, but we're also a pretty flighty bunch who are easily distracted when we hear talk of Niall Horan being attacked by rogue squirrels and Harry Styles adding even more cougars to his shopping list.

One Direction preview new Kiss You video for Bring Me To 1D winners

With that in mind, we thought it about time we remembered some of the finer - and often frankly mental sounding - activities we have heard about the lads and their undercrackers getting up to this year.

You know, like that time Niall declared his love for Simon Cowell through a bum tattoo, Zayn revealed his secret identity as a Merman and Liam admitted that as a child he wouldn't answer unless everyone addressed him as 'Cheesyhead'.

Oh, and then there was that time a Directioner gave Louis crabs..

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