A collection of facts about Nialler's arse

Last night, Niall Horan smashed through the 'too much information' barrier and tweeted about a troublesome spot. On his arse.

"Have a massive spot on my arse. Wondering should I squeeze it. What do ye think?” he wrote.

The skin on Niall Horan's arse is too squidgy for a tattoo. Sad times.

While we're 93.6 per cent certain that Nialler was the victim of a rather hilarious prank at the hands of a One Direction bandmate (our money is on a certain Louis Tomlinson) the tweet inspired us to take a look back at all things Horan bum-related.

We like to call it '10 things we know about Niall Horan's arse'* and it's what journalism was MADE FOR.

Are you ready for this?

1. Niall was once told that his rump was too 'squidgy' for a tattoo. Speaking about the time he decided to get a 'Made in Ireland' inking on his bum cheek, Goldilocks said: “They said the skin on your arse is too squidgy. It needs to be tight. I suspect they did me a favour. It wasn't the best idea in the world."

2. The 'I love SC' MYSTERY. Despite this, Niall claimed to have found a tattoo artist brave enough to tackle the squidge - in order to ink 'I love SC' on his behind.

One direction;s Niall horan reveals new tatto that says 'I Love SE'

“It says I love SC and it's on my bum," said the Blonde Bombshell. We imagine this was a joke aimed at Simon Cowell, but we'd still like to check. For purely professional reasons, obvs.

3. Niall is a Virgo, but his bum is a Libra. Don't ask us how that works, it's one of life's mysteries.

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