Looking hot, as per. Although we would have preferred a slightly tighter shirt..

Harry Styles turns 19 today (yes, yes we know - he's growing up so fast etc. etc.) and hit London town with a bevy of pals last night to celebrate being 365 days older.

Arriving at La Bodega Negra restaurant in Soho, Harreh was snapped looking dapper in a navy blue blazer, oversized white tee (we would have preferred something a tad more nipple hugging) and his tradmark skinny jeans.

harry styles birthday night out

James Corden and Nick Grimshaw (don't think we haven't spied that cheeky fag in your hand, Grimmy) rocked up with the curly-haired lovebot and seemed to be sticking to some sort of 'blue' colour theme.

harry styles birthday

Delightful as these photos are, they've got NOTHING on the snaps taken as Harry and pals left the restaurant to head to the nearby Groucho club.

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