So what if he likes to let the breeze circulate around his nether regions?

There was some pretty great news for the world this week: when he was younger, One Direction's Harry Styles got naked and rubbed his knob all over a car window. Even better, his friend decided to tell the papers all about it - SCORE.

"We went to one of my mate's 18th birthdays and he came home especially for it," pal Nick told the Mirror. "One of the mums came round and he thought it would be funny to get his kn*b out and put it against her car window. No one's offended by it, people are just like, 'Oh Harry'."

harry styles in bed

As if that wasn't enough to have rainbows and singing choirs of cherubs bursting from your ears, this got us thinking that really this calls for a celebration. A celebration of Harry being NAKED.

So whether it's vintage vids of him skinny dipping with selected members of 1D (no two guesses who) or just Harold getting his wang out for Ed Sheeran's enjoyment, we've tracked down a lovely bunch of bits and pieces to help pay tribute to our favourite long-haired lothario's, erm, Little Things.

You can thank us later. In the mean time click next to check out Harry's best naked moments >>