Two looks - but there can only be one winner

If ever you needed proof that Zac Efron looks good in whatever he wears (without wanting to sound to much like the electronic voice in DreamPhone) he's gone and provided a whole load more evidence in the form of two outfits in one day.

Let's take a closer look and have a proper grown up discussion about whether he looks fitter in casual chic, or suited and booted, shall we? This is practically educational by the way, so you can probably count it as school work.

zac efron fash off

Outfit number one was worn for Zac's appearance on Good Morning America, and consisted of a plaid button down shirt (looks a bit like a Tesco employee) some fetching blue jeans, snazzy shades and big quiffy quiff.

He looks casual, he looks preppy - he looks like he could stack the hell out of some shelves.

zac efron suit

The Zef then TRANSFORMED himself for later in the day, donning a sharp suit for a screening of his flick 'At Any Price'. Gone were the shades - insted Zaco wore nothing but a smize on his chiselled face, teamed with a skinny tie, crotch hugging trousers and some of the shiniest shoes we've ever seen.

Now prepare yourselves, because as nice as this little perving session has been, the killer question is coming your way right about.. now. WHICH OUTFIT LOOKED BEST? Tell us in the comment box below.

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