Sorry about your ovaries.

When Niall Horan of One Direction fame became an uncle to his brother Greg’s adorable baby boy, we couldn’t have been happier. Not only because it meant that more gorgeous Horan’s have been born into the world, but because we knew there’d be a whole ton of dreamy Niall + Baby selfies coming our way.

Nialler shared the latest snap of him and his super cute nephew this week, and in one swift upload, all our dreams of him fathering our children in ten years time became approximately 94% more intense. HELP.

Niall Horan

But seeing Niall getting all parental and broody made us think - the world is really lacking a gallery of pictures showing One Direction holding babies. SO HERE YOU GO. Sorry about the inevitable demise of your ovaries and all emotional stability.

We should probably start with this fairly new snap of Liam Payne getting protective over gorgeous baby Brooklyn, the daughter of 1D stylist Caroline. Look how he's balancing a tiny baby on his arm, OH MY. The chances of us surviving through this gallery are slim.

Liam Payne

Brooklyn is probably the luckiest baby in the world, as not only does she get cradled delicately by Liam, but she also has Zayn Malik as a godfather, to nuzzle his beard on her head and teach her how to pout properly when she's old enough to use Instagram.


Zayn baby

Oh jeez, what have we started here. If you were planning on having a productive afternoon, then sorry about that, because we're pretty sure you won't be able to concentrate on anything except a world filled with Zayn Malik Jnr.

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