Forget Carrie from Homeland, it's all about Kim

Kim Kardashian might not seem like your average hero, but in between spending her time posting selfies and smearing blood on her face, she has taught us probably the most valuable life lesson out there. That's right, she has taught us the art of the ugly cry face.

We're not being mean either - even Kim herself admits she's a master of the art. It's why we love her.

Kim Kardashians best cry faces - LOL

To be fair, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has taught us many things, but even if you don't think that learning how to turn a reality show career into a sock collection is going to get you that far in the real world, we can guarantee that lying on the sofa for a four hour marathon is probably going to have some positive effect on your personal wellbeing.

Even if it is only to teach you how to pull the most amazing, face-scrunching cry face. Hysterical squealing and wiping your snotty face on a sibling's sleeve is definitely also encouraged.

Nothing makes us more emotional than losing a diamond earring (by which we mean plastic studs from Claire's Accessories) , but if you are need of a bit more guidance, check out Kim's top 5 cry faces. They will undoubtedly not only teach you something valuable, but have you snorting into your cuppa too.

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