*Buys 7830 copies*

While things are looking good for definitely not retired popstar Justin Bieber on the romance front - what with the the recent return of the Jelena Selfie™and *that* segway sesh - it's probably fair to say he's having a hard time of it when it comes to the actual day job. After his Believe movie managed just £205k at the UK box office (that'll teach ya to compete with actual Jesus, eh Biebs?), his Journal album's only gone and missed the bloody top 40, hasn't it? SOB.

Yup - after treating our eardrums to loads of new tunes every Monday since what feels like the deginning of time, el Biebo's latest 'record' is struggling to match the success of My World and Believe. Oh, and the Christmassy one. Waaah.

Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber images - sugarscape.com

Journals entered the UK album chart at number 46 t'other day, and we're putting it down to the fact everybody was well busy eating Turkey/clambering over people and potentially clawing out eyes in the Topshop sale to find the time to download the poor blighter's latest offering.

And it seems the alb ain't doing too well over in Australia, either - 'cause apparently it's sold just over 5600 copies so far Down Under. Hmm. Everyone's already got all the songs already though, innit? So it was never your typical release or anything.

Justin Bieber's Journals album fails to make UK top 40 - Justin Bieber images - sugarscape.com

What d'ya think, then? Feeling a bit sozza for Biebs? Reckon next time he should just do the whole 'actual normal album' thing? Comments please, peeps.



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