Nearly as good as them covering their naked crotches with some fig leaves

One Direction are well know for their love of a cover and although we are obviously massive fans of all their own stuff, we really can't resist it when they put their own spin on a track originally sung by someone else. In fact their covers are one of our fave bits of the live shows, so it seems only right to go right back to the beginning and pick out 10 of their best ever.

It's not even just an excuse to spend half an hour watching them thrust their crotches about. Ok it might be, but only partially.

One Direction's sexiest moments - PICS

The tour might have only been going two months, but 1D have already added a shed load of new covers to their repertoire. But that said, some of their very best are the golden oldies from way back in the day when Harry wore drapey scarfs and Liam was yet to discover his Paynis. With that in mind, it seems only right that the first entry in the top 10 goes to a performance that you could say we actually have to thank for the lads being who they are today...

10. Natalie Imbruglia's Torn at  X Factor Judges' Houses

Let's forget all those Harry and Natalie rumours from last year and focus on the fact that this performance nearly didn't happen at all. In fact, 1D might not have got their happy ever after if that evil sea creature had got its way trying to sabotage their performance...

OH GOD LOUIS, don't trifle with our emotions like that.

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