10 things we know about One Direction's Best Song Ever gal

Now that we've had a chance to listen to One Direction's new single Best Song Ever roughly 1532.3 times, we've experienced a lot of emotions. But ignoring the distracting tingling going on in our ovary area, there is something worrying us; who is this mysterious Georgia Rose character that has got 1D all of a quiver?

One Direction Best Song Ever

Naturally we have a few theories on who she is, but following some careful and extremely serious investigation, we are happy to report that we've come to a fair few conclusions about this mysterious girl's character:

1. She has a collection of hearts she keeps in jars on her windowsill

Harry Edward Styles: "Maybe it's the way she walked / straight into my heart and stole it"

Zayn Malik: "I said can you give it back to me / she said never in your wildest dreams"

Forget drawing hearts and inappropriate appendages around 1D's faces on the posters on your wall as fangirl behaviour just went to a whole new level. Well if Georgia Rose can personally steal the hearts of all five member of 1D and still have them like her, it must be ok right?

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